Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

*Honestly, practicing with you over the past couple of years has helped me renew important connections to my self (physical, emotional, spiritual) that I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere.  I hadn’t had a regular practice since before my children were born, and setting aside this regular time for yoga has helped me feel fuller, more complete, and more able to give and receive.  Thank you for being such an incredible teacher.

Open Level Yoga:

*Mary is an exceptionally gifted teacher whose love for what she does is continually manifest. She takes pride in her students’ progress; has deep and thorough knowledge of yoga in its manifold forms, understands the structure and functioning of the body, and gives clear, precise instruction. She is innately kind and empathetic, embodying the calm and grace one associates with yoga. I have never looked forward to a class as much, nor felt as better both physically and mentally afterward as I have with Mary’s classes.

Gentle Yoga:

*I  have had chronic joint problems since childhood, and Mary’s class has been the best thing for

me in the past several years.  Prior to her class, I was in and out of physical therapy for

years, but since taking her class, I have not had to return to PT or see an orthopedist once.

Mary is an incredibly attentive teacher:  she knows the ailments of each of her students and

tailors her instructions to us.  She is careful to make sure that we get each pose right before

we move on and that we understand what each pose is trying to accomplish.  This kind of

care makes me feel very safe in practicing yoga and has kept me injury free.  Additionally, I

think most of us find Mary’s calm and gentle demeanor to be a welcome interlude in our

busy workdays.  Because it’s such an enjoyable experience, I’ve been motivated to attend

class regularly, which has been integral to my own wellness.

*I have been practicing yoga for nearly 35 years and Mary is simply the best

instructor I have ever had.  I do not say that lightly—I have experienced a very large

pool of teachers from many different places. As something of a connoisseur, I can

say that Mary exemplifies classic yoga instruction at the very highest level.  Mary is a

charismatic instructor and her practice is itself beautiful to watch and emulate. But

more important, she masterfully tailors instruction to the various needs and

capabilities of her students–each of whom she takes the time to assess.


Yoga for College Students and College Athletes:

*Thank you so very much for an enjoyable last two quarters of yoga.  My recovery from injury has not been easy mentally, and you have truly been a blessing in the process, as you’ve made me fall in love with yoga.  Thank you so very much, and I hope our paths cross again.

*I really appreciate the attention to each student’s needs and how you help us each address our own individual yoga practices.  I know I am improving my flexibility and I like learning new poses and variations. Looking forward to more.

*Your calm voice and your way of teaching made this my favorite class.  Thank you!

*Every class, I feel more relaxed and aware of how important reflection and awareness is.  After stressful days, I always feel at ease when the class is nearing its end.  Thank you, and I can’t wait to take another yoga class like this!

*I really enjoyed the class!  I appreciate that you always made us comfortable reaching our own limits, despite that the class sometimes did very advanced things.  I learned a lot and I can honestly say that yoga improved my life.  The class was a great break from the stress of the week and you always had zen energy and good music that relaxed me!

*I absolutely love this class.  It’s a great way to relax and decompress.  Thanks!

*This was my first time doing yoga on a regular basis and I’m hooked.  Thanks so much for teaching this class.  It has really helped me both physically and mentally.  I’ll will definitely be back!

*Thank you for a WONDERFUL class.  I will continue doing yoga throughout my life!

Yoga for Seniors:

*You always do something different to keep things fresh and to help us maintain our focus.  In addition, you are very welcoming to people of all levels so that everyone feels comfortable doing yoga at their own level.  Thank you!

*As a Senior Citizen, I am not as active as I used to be.  This is the most valuable two hours of my week!

*I feel the difference when I’m working in my garden.  My joints are not as stiff as they used to be.